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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching up...

...after Thanksgiving "relaxation" ;)

Be Loved by Anita Designs

Yellow papers from Happy & Carefree by Anita Designs

An experiment - title made of elements:
paper: cozy autumn by Anita Designs
grunge masks by Anita Designs
grid borders no. 1 by Erica Zwart
leaf: authentic by Anita Designs
brush: collab I love to Craft by MScrap designers
pin: growing by Anita Designs
frame (part): twiggy Tuesday by Anita Designs (retired)

kits A spooky tale & Halloween by Anita Designs

MScraps November challenge template by DitaB


Oh yeah, this is something! Read the story, if you want to laugh (a lot).
These shoes are truly bewitched. I bought a pair of them back in the Czech Republic, almost six years before. And I felt in love with them, wearing them every day, until they starting to have holes... I had concerns, what I would wear, after they completely dissolve... And to my extreme surprise I found a pair of new ones, here in America, in REI store. Exactly same design, exactly same size, exactly same color, just a different prize. I bought them immediately. And I lost them the same month, before I can even “warm” them up. I do not know, how it could happen. I do not remember myself returning barefooted from anywhere. I just wanted to go out and couldn't find my shoes. I was searching everywhere – in a house, outside, in the school... You know, it's not an earring or a needle... After two months I gave up and went to a store to buy new shoes. I tried many different types of hiking, walking, athletic shoes and I didn't like them. I just wasn't feeling them right... Finally ordered one pair, exactly same to the lost one, from internet and was eagerly waiting for FedEx. After two weeks an e-mail arrived. The “item” is out of stock. You can wait a month for the next arrival, or order something else. I didn't want something else, so I decided to wait. And I was waiting three months (yes, I'm extremely patient) and nothing happened. Finally I called: Oh, we sent you an e-mail, we don't carry this “item” any more! Furiously I ordered the “item” from a competitive company. And paid. And was waiting. September started, it was getting colder. And another e-mail arrived: We are terribly sorry but we are run out of this “item”. I got mad. Really mad. I went to REI store ones more – oh, how convenient, there was a store wide sale! I looked at the shelf and I saw them - women Merrell Siren Sport – Olive. I haven't bought them. Never, ever again, in a gazillion years. I bought women Merrel Siren Sport – Black!
Erica Zwart & Angelle Designs: Going Places
Erica Zwart: Grid borders n. 1
Anita Designs: Rejoice, A day at a Pool

Don't Stop Believing by Studio Basic and Shawna Clingerman

Document Christmas Templates 2  by Studio Basic Designs

Document Christmas The Kit  by Mari Koegelenberg & Sudio Basic Designs

An old-old-old photo, but I couldn't resist, when I've seen this kit...
 scraplift Margje

Gifts And Treats Collaboration Project

Heart bound by HeatherT & Anita Designs
The Beginning by Sabrina Creations
In the Making by Sabrina Creations
Be Happy by Sabrina Creations


Grandparents are HERE!

Yes, just before Thanks giving, my  Mom and Dad have arrived! We've been waiting so long for them - more than 18 months!

Indefinitely + Bonus FWP {pink add-on} by Anita Designs

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yes, this is my obsession ;)

collab Obsessions by Studio Basic Designs and Libby Pritchett

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm so happy, my new LO was featured at Gallery Standouts!

{little Birdie told meii} notionSet by Dido Designs

And to be honest, I'm not the only one, who is outstanding ;) My kids are pretty outstanding too! All three of them! 
Baby, It's Cold Outside {elements}{papers}{templates} by Studio Basic

Thursday, October 18, 2012


No side wheels. Hooray!!! We did it!
This week by designs by Anita

This week {templates} by designs by Anita

And something to please your eyes - summer memory ;)
 My garden in the afternoon.

Little pleasures by Anita designs

Grid Borders no.1 by Erica Zwart

Ten years

It's unbelievable but we celebrated TEN years of marriage this month! And we did it without kids!!! We took limo and tasted old vines and ended with sickness at the hotel ;)))
Like nothing had changed ;)
Hellow Hellow by Edeline Marta
Perfectly imperfect (retired) by Fanette Design
A Mother's Heart | Collection (recolored) by Sabrina's Creations &Designs by Anita

scraplift Sasha