Friday, April 23, 2010

New Spring Valley by Scrapidea-timkova

Spring is finaly here. I love the smell of spring - first blooming flowers on meadows, singing birds on trees...  Kit Spring Valley is full of beautiful spring elements in pastel colors - great for your beautiful spring photos, but not only for them - is perfect for baby and girl pages too. Available @SUNSHINESTUDIOSCRAPS.

Byebye Mom, 
I have to go to the big world waiting for me outside...
I need to explore it,
I need to see the shining sun,
I need to hear the birds' songs,
I need to smell all those beautiful blooming flowers...
Mom, please do not stop me and let me go, there is so much to explore...
Mom, I love you.

 credit @DST:  first and second part separately

For the first part I used lovely simple templates by Jot&scribble, available @Two Little Pixels.

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